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Red Hot Drinks

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Red Hot Tea Mix

Combine together: 2 cups Tang (orange drink mix), 1 ½ cups sugar, ½ cup instant tea, 2 T. lemonade mix, ½ cup red hots (cinnamon candy hearts). To serve, mix 3 T. of this tea mix for one cup of hot water.

Red Hot Cocoa Mix

Combine ¾ cup of cocoa powder, ½ cup of powdered milk, 1/3 cup of sugar, the scrapings from 3 vanilla beans (or you can use vanilla powder), 2 T. red hots (cinnamon candy hearts), and a couple pinches of cayenne pepper. To serve, use 2 T. of this mix per 1 cup hot water.

Red Hot Wine


1 quart apple cider

½ lb. red hots (cinnamon candy hearts)

1 bottle white wine

Instructions: In a large pot, mix together the apple cider and red hots. Cook over medium high heat, stirring occasionally, until the candy melts. Stir in the wine and serve. You can store this in an airtight container to serve at a later date or to give as a gift. I am not sure exactly how long this keeps because it’s so yummy that it never seems to last very long J but I would think that any unused portions would need to be store in the refrigerator due to the apple cider.


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  1. And who knew there were so many uses for Red Hots? The tea sounds awesome to me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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