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(similar to the panzerotti we like to order from a local restaurant or like super delicioius homemade pizza pockets) – a great recipe for using up leftovers!


1 tube of refrigerated pizza dough (like Pillsbury brand)

about 2 T. flour or cornmeal

1-2 T. olive oil

pizza fillings of your choice such as pepperoni, ham, cheese, salami, pineapple, whatever you like (this is a good one for using up leftovers in your fridge!)

Marinara sauce for dipping

Insturctions: Dust your hands with the flour or cornmeal and place some on your work surface. Roll out the dough into its rectangular shape and sprinkle a little of the flour or cornmeal over the dough. Cut the rectangle into 4 pieces – you want to cut down the middle going across the dough, and then cut down the middle of each of those pieces, in the same direction. (i.e. you don’t want to cut up the dough in a cross shape or the pieces will be too small. You want to make 3 cuts across the dough.) Place your toppings on each piece of dough to cover it – no sauce!!! – just meats, cheese, vegetables, etc. Roll up each piece of dough with toppings starting at one corner and rolling diagonally to the other corner. It reminds me once rolled up of a large crescent roll in that it is thicker in the middle than it is on each end. Brush the rolls with the olive oil to help it brown up nicely. You can also make a seasoning mixture to sprinkle on this rolls prior to baking – such things as garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, and even minced onion or green onion (even dehydrated onion) are all tasty choices. Bake at 400 degrees F for 12-15 minutes until golden brown. Serve with the marinara sauce for dipping.

Note: We like making these more like sandwich pockets as opposed to pizza pockets as well. For example, you can fill them with ham and Swiss cheese and either spread a little mustard on the dough before filling or make a dipping sauce for them such as a combination of mustard and mayonnaise or Dijon mustard and apricot jam. We have also made them with cheese and thin slices of apple or pear (you can throw in some ham or turkey if you want too) inside. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and ingredients on hand.

I first got this recipe from an episode of Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals but she has some delicious sounding variations available on her Rachael Ray Show website as well:

Thanksgiving stromboli – a variation to use your Thanksgiving leftovers including turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce:

Buffalo Chicken stromboli –

A mini version of the stromboli to use as appetizers with spinach walnut pesto and fontina in them:

A rabe, sausage, and cheese version:

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