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Honey Sweetened Dehydrated Apples

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I subscribe to a really great blog called 5 Dollar Dinners. There are lots of great, easy, and inexpensive meals there as well as meal planning ideas. Today’s post seemed especially appropriate for Bridgette’s cafe repertoire. Here is the link for the recipe and while you are there, check out the rest of her recipes!
Now personally, I don’t own a dehydrator but I have made dehydrated apples in my oven before. I put them in a low oven, the lowest setting my oven had which was 150 degrees F, for about 4-5 hours. I found this website which gives instructions for several methods of dehydrating apples including the oven, dehydrator, and even harnassing the power of the sun and drying them outside. I think I will give the outdoor method a try. I just have to find a good place out there out of reach of a certain 80 lb. German Shepherd.


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  1. Sarah Joyce Bryant

    That sounds absolutely yummy! I used to eat dried apples all the time when I was a kid, but don’t get a chance much any more. Drying in the sun sounds really great (and a great way to save energy!).

  2. My kids LOVE drying fruit and well just about everything–it’s getting them to eat it afterwards that is the challenge. The parrot has no problems eating it all though!

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